Why Uganda?

Still deciding whether to or not to partner with a Ugandan agency? Here are some of the reasons you should be represented in Uganda.

Local education system providing high number of potential candidates

Comparatively, Uganda has good education system within the East African region. While a number of students from neighboring countries often come to Uganda for higher education, it is generally not common for Ugandan students to move the other way.

Second youngest population in the world.

Uganda also has the world’s youngest population, meaning the majority of its 36million people are actively or potentially looking for education opportunities.

Prevailing factors driving demand for international education

Every year, an estimated 1million youth turn 18 in Uganda.

But of the active labour-force, an estimated 2million are under-qualified, and need to upgrade their qualifications to eligible for promotion at the workplace.

Cultural Factors

Uganda has been traditionally the hub for quality higher education. The economy is still highly dependent on one’s paper qualifications, and much less the skills. Yet students do not necessarily consider opportunities within the East African region as an upgrade from Uganda.

Growing influence of the diaspora community

Remitting over USD 1 billion annually back to Uganda (compared to the country’s GDP of USD 25.53billion), the diaspora community is growing in influence, socially, politically and economically.

This means the number of Uganda’s seeking education in the disapora is only going to go higher.

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