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It takes independent thinkers and doers to succeed in today’s world – and it takes a pioneering, creative and agile country to produce them. That country is Ireland.” 

For most students today, their ambition is to have the best possible education – one that will set you out on the road to a great career.

And whether you’re looking for a general postgraduate degree or a more specialist qualification, Ireland offers solutions for you that will not only deliver exceptional educational results but will also set you apart from other candidates on the employment market or in academia. The education system in Ireland always re-invents itself, is globally connected, is socially and economically progressive, deeply welcoming and steeped in rich heritage and culture. But equally important, the country’s national culture of being pioneering, creative and agile will help you learn the crucial life skills of resilience, self-reliance and self-confidence.

The following are the three key attributes of Ireland Education, according to Education in Ireland.

  • Creative

Ireland’s deep-rooted culture of creativity and of problem-solving has made us stand out on the global stage, and the graduates we produce each year from our leading colleges are highly sought after in diverse industries and in markets all over the world.

  • Pioneering

Ireland has consistently over-index in terms of success stories on the world stage, whether it’s in commerce, economics, science, entertainment or the arts. And underlying each of these successes is a culture of looking to the future rather than resting on the present.

  • Agile

Having the ambition to change tack is one thing but being agile and nimble enough to do so is another thing completely. Ireland is a nation that has traditionally excelled at changing direction quickly and efficiently, with an attitude of willingly embracing the opportunities that change offers us. Within a single decade, for example, we had transformed ourselves into a global financial services sector and home to pretty much every bank or financial services company around the world. In a similar timeframe, a daring tax regime and a highly skilled and well-educated workforce saw us take our place as the Silicon Valley of Europe.

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