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COVID-19 Update from Sharz – Borderless Study Consults

Like many of you out there, we’re all taking a period away from our usual routines as we join the rest of the world to tackle the pandemic of Coronavirus. This year has already been more disruptive than we could have imagined, and with the effects of the pandemic still at the forefront of our […]

Why International Education is no longer such a Distant Dream for Ugandan Students

For a long time, studying abroad was always seen as a something exclusive to only the incredibly rich Ugandans – along with the few very fortunate ones who would get scholarships in later stages of their academic journey, usually after the first degree. The trend is changing, however, with the growth in the number of […]

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Sharz Consults targets European partnerships at UniAgents Summit in Finland

Kampala, Uganda: Last week, Sharz Borderless Study Consults held meetings with universities and colleges from the top European study destinations. The meetings were organized as part of the 2018 UniAgents European Summit in Finland, and featured academic institutions from Finland, UK, Poland, Germany, Malta, Spain, and India, among others. Organized in partnership with EduNation, this […]

Sharz Gets UniAgents Certification

As part of our goal to build a formidable network of international partnerships, we’re delighted to have attained a certification by UniAgents, a global education agents and student network that connects leading agents, students and education institutions across the world. “It’s a proud moment for all of us at Sharz, and we look forward to […]