Study Opportunities in U.S.

We partner with a number of institutions in the US, including Arkansas State University bringing you an opportunity to study in one of the most creative and agile countries in the world. Fill in our registration form and we’ll help you begin your application process.

Core Services

Our core focus is to connect students and professionals towards appropriate study opportunities abroad.

We specialize in student placement, training and business development for Universities and Colleges.

Other Services

  1. Language Procifiency
  2. Insurance Support
  3. Travel and Accommodation Assistance
  4. Exam testing facilities
  5. Admissions guidance
  6. Course guidance and counseling
  7. Pre-departure briefings

Student Testimonials

Why International Education is no longer such a Distant Dream for Ugandan Students

For a long time, studying abroad was always seen as a something exclusive to only the incredibly rich Ugandans – along with the few very fortunate ones who would get scholarships in later stages of their academic journey, usually after the first degree. The trend is changing, however, with the growth in the number of […]

Face-to-face Open Day with Thompson Rivers University

Kampala, Uganda:- We’re excited to announce that on Tuesday 28th August, we’ll be hosting a face-to-face Open Day! Even more exciting is the fact that we’ll be hosting Mr. Sidney Miheso from Thompson Rivers University (TRU). TRU is a public teaching and research university offering undergraduate and graduate degrees and vocational training. Its main campus […]

COVID-19 Update from Sharz – Borderless Study Consults

JULY 2021 Update: Due to the ongoing COVID-related lockdown in Uganda, our office is currently closed until at last July 30th 2021. We shall make a follow up announcement as soon as we have further guidance from the government. In the meantime, please keep an eye on our social media channels for regular updates. Due […]

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